where it all starts
individuals that make the machine
sample some noise
live and at high decibels
inside the cave
get the silver disc for your self
people we know in high places
speak to us directly
tell us you are here
the latest rumours
find the deeper meaning
see what the world really thinks
all the rest

All Songs BMI ©2001 slingshotVenus and Sonic Imagery Labs. The lyrical and musical copyright in these performances is operated by Sonic Imagery Labs on behalf of the artists, which whom it resides. Sonic Imagery Labs accepts no reason for the artists to give away such copyright interest in there work by virtue of a "common practice".

silver linings

Lyrics: Tobias Hawkins III, Richard Doporto
Music: slingshotVenus
All songs BMI
©2001 all rights reserved

Fall in straight line
Winged mens path
March over mountains
Miles and miles
Up though silver linings
On towards the luminous gates

We can only live
For so long, so long
I take what you give
For so long, so long

Countless angels
Endless clouds
Always and always
All in time
Suspended in fate
Waiting in state

on earth there lived
a silently still, hole to fill
a living sedative
all is tall for this small
wish away and prey
appear it may
something someday
something someday

And the clock
Kills the time
Two hands fast

And the clock
Kills the time
Two hands fast