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The Newest Shows February 2003
SSV are contractually obligated to do the following:

The Red Devil Lounge
Wednesday, February 26th 2003
1695 Polk street at Clay, San Francisco
Show starts at 9pm Our first show back after a long and largely uninteresting hiatus. See our new drummer Chris Brague, and enjoy the fine night-life that has made the Red Devil Lounge famous among literally dozens of people! Also on the bill are popular bands Moonlife and Bizarre Love Triangle.

Roosters RoadHouse
Saturday, March 8th 2003
1700 Clement Ave, Alameda
show starts at 9pm
Don't miss this great weekend gig. We're hearing a lot of great things about the newly re-energized Rooster's Roadhouse, and it looks like a lot of people have been waiting for a good excuse to go there... Why not join them?

The Latest News March 2002

The album "Heavens Kiss is Black" is finally done and at the Mastering Engineers house. The art work is done and awaiting the final thank you's to be added and then its off to the foundry. The 5 song EP is popping up all over the web for sale and of course its available here. We are starting once again to play live shows and hope to see our friends and fans soon!

The Old News October 2001

The 5 song promotional CD "Perplexed" is now available. Visit the
procure tunes to check it out. We are about a 2 weeks away from releasing our full length album to the mastering engineer. As I type this, the only things left is album cover art, copyrights and publishing registration.

We also have a new drummer, Robin Eckman, whom the cast and crew dig the most. He's been focusing on all our new material and will be on the forthcoming album, along side Tim Alexander and Toby Hawkins.

And finally the web site is slowly still getting a facelift and will, over the next month or so, be a bit easier to navigate and maintain. Stay tuned.

Last Updated Feb 23rd 2003