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The SlingshotVenus Biography

slingshotVenus Fact Sheet
slingshotVenus Biography

Download a PDF of the Bio
Download a PDF of the Fact Sheet

Click the names on the right to navigate
and explore the backgrounds and sorid past of the
individuals that make up the twisted engine
of the band slingshotVenus.

The Members of slingshotVenus are as follows:
Tobias Hawkins III
vocals, percussion devices, megaphone, fuzz vox,
telephone, PVC pipe, lighter fluid, twisted ideas,
pioneered concepts in string theory.
Patrick C. McEvoy
electric guitars, bvox, acoustic guitar, classical
guitar, banjo, mandolin, hitting things with the
guitar, expert in particle supercollider engineering.
Richard Doporto
4 and 5 string bass, trouble with 8th and 9th
dimensional quantum physics.
Chris Brague
Drums, percussion, channeling deep
grooves, and shows no signs of trouble with 9th
dimensional timing and polyrhythm.