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Tobias Hawkins III

Toby is an odd fellow. He cannot be figured out, many wife's and girlfriends have tried. Only his mind could envision a construction worker digging up his long dead wife from her final resting place for one last dance, and write a song about it. (Twinky ©1997 chaosmusic) Or perhaps, after his arrest and subsequent incarceration in St.Judas State Mental Hospital he gained some insight into the world of the mentally troubled which inspired the lyrics for ComaClown. (©1997 chaosmusic) Maybe when he was a child he wanted to be an astronaut but instead wrote Andromeda. (©1998 chaosmusic) We are still trying to figure it out.

Mr. Hawkins started his musical journey in the mid 80's as a drummer and percussionist. His big step into the fast lane came in 1989, along with his cousin, Mr. Marty Jones, friends David Bryson and Adam Duritz formed the first mind-blowing incarnation of the Counting Crows.

Mr. Hawkins wasn't satisfied with just banging the drums all day. He spent several more years shedding blood and jousting with David Immergluch (Monks of Doom, Camper Van Beethoven, Sheryl Crow), Kevin Kadigan (Third Eye Blind) and Lester Claypool (Primus).

Around 1994 Mr. Hawkins was absorbed into Tim(Herb) Alexander's profound side project / band Laundry.

Tobias currently writes, co-produces, emotes, creates and envisions with slingshotVenus in their 24 track digital studio nestled up in the hills of the Bay Area.

Tobias Hawkins III, May 1998 at Sonic Imagery Labs laying some tracks for Heaven Below Us.

The Dirt on Laundry

" My time with Laundry had its up's and downs. Don't get me wrong ...those guys are awesome musicians but I needed something more...A space were I could say something--create something --do something I could bite into. The Black Tongue sessions went something like this..... Tim would say "ok sing here." I might have heard the play backs once or twice and I would blurt out some melody and words and they'd say -"great we will keep section sing here..."

" when Les put Primus back together and Tim went off, I went looking for my place in space. When I joined slingshotVenus I found we could create and share an inner vision of what we wanted. If it didn't work the first time for me we could remold what ever idea it was. Turn it into something real. Shape songs into pictures...something I could sink my teeth into."
Laundry days...circa 1994

Billboard Magazine ad from Mammoth Records for the Laundry CD. 1995

The result of the BlackTongue sessions. 1994 On Mammoth Records.