where it all starts
individuals that make the machine
sample some noise
live and at high decibels
inside the cave
get the silver disc for your self
people we know in high places
speak to us directly
tell us you are here
the latest rumours
find the deeper meaning
see what the world really thinks
all the rest

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Listen.com Review

Hard Rock and Post-Grunge songs wander along the outside rim of Progressive Rock with guitar explorations and moments of atmospheric meanderings. Tight lipped, warbly vocals rock back and forth over songs that move stealthily but won't leave you behind.
Kali H. Listen.com's expert editors review the hits!

"I didn't really like the first song" (from the SSV CDEP Perplexed) "It was scary." "But the rest were great! I really like this band, if you can I would really like a copy."

"I liked it (the SSV CDEP Perplexed) They're really good, I'd like another copy too if you can get me one."