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Mysteries of the Unexplained:
Reprinted by permission from
The Conspiracy Journal Monthly, Issue 123, December 1997
©1996 Flynn Publications International

The Matter of Patrick McEvoy

1906, San Francisco

A pound of salt, a length of twine, two 1900 silver dollars, a black human tongue, and (perhaps the most interesting), a single strand of ox hair. These were the only items remaining in the room where Patrick McEvoy was last seen by confirmed, eye witness accounts. While the local constabulary were able to piece together several theories as to the mysterious disappearance, it remains that none of them were capable of accounting for the fact that the room was locked and bolted from the inside at the time of the event. Unfortunately for posterity, the Great Quake of 1906 occurred just days after McEvoy vanished, and all evidence of his passing was lost in the ensuing fire. Although it seems certain that this was, in fact, the end of McEvoy's "life" (if one such as he can be said to have ever really "lived" at all), there have since been several tantalizing clues that, while not yet conclusive, paint a singularly disturbing picture of a soul whose eternal rest has been anything but peaceful

1924, Budapest

A 12 year old girl suffering from stigmata repeats McEvoy's name 39 times before being strangled to death by an attending priest.

1945, Berlin

Several Red Army soldiers report seeing a man walking though the bomb ravaged streets carrying a head which could only be that of McEvoy. The man carrying the severed member calmly asked them (strangely in perfect French) if any of them were carrying a Bible. When one of the startled soldiers finally gathered the wits to reply "no" the man then said "how unfortunate", and burst into flames.

1977, Washington DC

A young reporter who had been reviewing video tapes of the fall of Saigon calls his editor with news of a strange discovery. A figure bearing the likeness of the now legendary McEvoy can be seen in 24 frames, apparently walking out of a burning building, unaffected by the fire. Unfortunately, before the reporter can confirm his find, both he and the video (of which this was the only copy) are consumed by a mysterious explosion, apparently caused by a gas leak.

2000, San Francisco Bay Area

Several reports are made of a guitarist in a band called "SlingshotVenus" who seems to match McEvoy's description to an errie degree. These reports are highly unreliable, however, and should probably be ignored.

The other McEvoy captured on an unburnable FlashRam cartridge from a digital camera. Seen here, circa 1999, relaxing on the master futon in the master control room of Sonic Imagery Labs during a slingshotVenus recording session.

Conspiracy experts believe that the original McEvoy being a product of the early 1900's did not or could not stay abreast of the latest digital technologies. He would not have understood that the equipment used could capture his image. This is believed to be the only surviving image of McEvoy.

The real Patrick McEvoy cofounded the band slingshotVenus in 1994 after the mysterious death of Steven Dammit Pitsenbarger, former vocalist of Rhythmchaos. He is also a founding partner of the original Sonic Imagery Labs in 1989, at the time a small recording studio located on the mudflats of the Hayward. He and Richard Doporto auditioned several hundred vocalists and various musical types before Tobias Hawkins III joined the band.

Megaflow Graphics

The guitarist shown above has not only created our album covers and art since the dawn of time, he is also a believed to be a commercial artist with many published works under his belt. This is his own website and if you dig Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Adventure, and... um, Stuff! Please go there now!

Mr. McEvoy holds a Ph.D.. in CGdesign, a Masters degree in Guitar Playing and a Bachelor of Science in Comedy Interface work. (B.S.C.I.)