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SlingshotVenus Bio
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SlingshotVenus: a merciless, unyielding, disjointed foundation for hit-on-the-head melodies. The sound of something familiar but yet like nothing ever heard. Manic chaos wrapped in eccentric velvet, a graceful shot into the glittering sky. Theirs is a darkly textured original and complex sound that is not limited in scope or structure and overturns preconceived ideas regarding musical boundaries.

Tobias Hawkins (vocals/percussion/flesh siren) has had his share of success creating unique and popular music. Perhaps best known as the voice and writer of words for Laundry (legendary post-Primus excursion led by Tim (Herb) Alexander), he was also a founding member (on drums) and credited songwriter of pop heroes The Counting Crows.

Patrick McEvoy (5000 hammering guitars) and Richard Doporto (slinky bottom end/engineer/ producer) have been spinning their uncommon musical web together as a team for several years, honing their instrumental and recording skills and adding the musical bedrock underneath it all.

Chris Brague (drums, percussion), the most recent sign-on in the crew, is best known locally for his work with rock quartet Colonel Knowledge and Afro-Funk hybrid THE SLAPTONES. This musical chameleon has been studying and performing many genres - from Jazz and Brazilian music to West African and Afro Cuban - all along crafting a distinct and highly creative hard rock style.

As a team, SlingshotVenus is making a heavy, aggressive, meticulously chaotic sound, beautiful and dangerous - intelligent insanity for music lovers who aren't afraid to enjoy the challenge of something different. In doing so, SlingshotVenus has successfully transcended categorization.

Individually, the members of SlingshotVenus have performed alongside such diverse artists as Tool, Primus, Laundry, Monks of Doom, X, Sparks, Paris, The New Barbarians and the Yellowjackets.

SlingshotVenus plays to a heavy alternative rock audience. Think of a LedZeppelin air crash into King Crimson, or Rush overdosing on Radiohead at a party hosted by Soundgarden.